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     The sisterhood of Sigma Omicron Pi was established at San Francisco State University in 1930 by ten Asian American women: Elizabeth Hall, Frances Hall, Dorothy Lau, Gertrude Lee, Hannah Lee, Louise Lee, Fannie Lim, Nancy Lim, Emma Lum, and Beatrice Ng, pursuing the interest of teaching. They chose the Greek letters, Sigma, Omicron, and Pi to represent themselves as the "Sisters of Pedagogy." The Constitution was derived from an existing "Honorary Society of Education."

     The sorority was active in the Asian Community for the next fifteen years. At the advent of World War II, the organization was forced to become inactive. In 1946, a group of women from the University of California, Berkeley re-established Sigma Omicron Pi on their campus. Since its inception, Sigma Omicron Pi has grown in membership with student chapters at:

Beta Chapter,
San Francisco State University, 1988

Gamma Chapter,
San Jose State University, 1992

Delta Chapter,
University of California, Davis, 1993

Epsilon Chapter,
California State University, Sacramento, 1993

Zeta Chapter,
University of California, Santa Cruz, 1995

Eta Chapter,
University of Maryland, 1997, retired 2000
Theta Chapter,
University of California, Irvine, 2001

Iota Chapter,
Pennsylvania State University, 2001

Kappa Chapter,
University of California, San Diego, 2002

Lambda Chapter,
The Johns Hopkins University, 2002

Mu Chapter,
University of California, Riverside, 2003

Nu Chapter,
Binghamton University, 2008

     Though the sorority no longer centered around the interest of teaching, it still maintained its commitment to the Asian American Community. All of the chapters became extremely involved in their respective communities, volunteering their time at community agencies and raising money to donate to favorable charities. Sigma Omicron Pi earned a respectable reputation as a benefactor to the Asian American cause.

     The purpose of Sigma Omicron Pi is to promote unity, lifelong friendships, leadership, and community service. This organization offers women a supportive network of sisters to achieve academic and social growth. The sisterhood of Sigma Omicron Pi provides an environment where sisters may utilize and develop their organizational skills.

     Each one of our sisters has different interests and aspirations, yet we all share one common ground - Sigma Omicron Pi. We have based our sisterhood on four objectives: UNITY, FRIENDSHIP, LEADERSHIP and SERVICE. In addition, Sigma Omicron Pi has a tradition of lifelong friendship that has prevailed for over eight decades.

"Elizabeth Hall- Broke Barriers in San Francisco Schools"
Heather Knight, Chronicle Staff Writer
Wednesday, August 12, 2003

Elizabeth Ling-So Hall, was San Francisco school district's first Chinese American principal in 1953.

Ms. Hall was born in San Francisco on May 19, 1911, shortly after her family emigrated from China.

Elizabeth Hall was one of the city's few Asian American children who didn't attend Chinatown's Oriental School, which was renamed Commodore Stockton School in the mid-1920s. Instead, she was granted special permission by the district to attend Pacific Heights School near her family's home.

After graduating from Polytechnic High School -- where she was the only Chinese American girl -- Ms. Hall won a scholarship to UC Berkeley, taking the ferry across the bay to her classes. She later transferred to San Francisco State University to enroll in its education courses.

Along with nine other women, Ms. Hall founded Sigma Omicron Pi, the school's first Chinese sorority, and served as its first president. Each spring, the group put on a fashion show along with the UC Chinese Alumni Association to raise money for scholarships. The sorority now has chapters around the country, including local branches at San Jose State University, UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz.

In Memory of Elizabeth Hall (1911-2003)

     The sisters of Sigma Omicron Pi are not only dedicated to sisterhood and the Asian Greek Community,but also engage themselves in a variety of other activites. Each one of our girls participate in a variety of different campus organizations and work for many prominent companies. We also have numerous other indirect connections as support. Because of the high level of involvements in other activities, each sister helps one another by sharing these connections.

UC Berkeley Campus Organizations:
  • Asian American Association (AAA)
  • Asian American Caucus
  • Asian Pacific Council (APC)
  • Associated Student Union Committee (ASUC) of Greek Community Outreach
  • Cal Pre-Dental Society (PDS)
  • California Investment Association
  • CalPirg Program
  • Chinese Student Association (CSA)
  • Circle K International (CKI)
  • Colleges Against Cancer
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Health and Medical Apprenticeship Program (HMAP)
  • Mixed Student Union
  • Oakland Asian Speaking Educational Services (OASES)
  • Peer Review Board
  • Pre-Med Honors Society (PMHS)
  • Rally Committee
  • Red Cross @ Cal
  • Relay for Life
  • "Speaking Vietnamese" Club
  • Student Learning Center (SLC)
  • Tang Center Volunteer Services
  • Tru Element Dance Group
  • Women's Youth Sexual Education (WYSE)
  • Undergrand Research Apprentice Program (URAP)
  • Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)
Companies through Jobs/Internships:
  • Asian Health Services (AHS), Oakland
  • Athletic Study Center (ASC), Berkeley
  • College of Natural Resources (CNR), Berkeley
  • Daily Californian, Berkeley
  • Deloitte, Inc.
  • Ernst and Young
  • Gap, Inc.
  • Google, Inc.
  • Mervyns, Inc.
  • Pac Sun, Inc.
  • Palm, Inc.
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • Residential Life Services
  • Robasciotti and Associates Financial Planning
  • Smith Barney
  • Sweet on You
  • UCSF Campus Life Services
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Workstation and Microcomputing Facilities, Berkeley
  • ...many more to be listed

Other connections:
  • Accenture
  • Apple, Inc.
  • Golden Gate Business Association
  • Genentech
  • Gerberes Law
  • KPMG
  • Taxaid
  • Washington Mutual
  • ...many more to be listed

President: Nancy Tran
Vice President, Philanthropy: Rachel Xiao
Vice President, Sisterhood: Thanh Tran
Vice President, Social: Teresa Nguyen
Treasurer: Rose Huynh
Secretary and Sergeant at Arms: Christina Vu
New Member Educator: Natsuki Hara
External Affairs: Karissa Nishimurai
Rush Co-Chairs: Rose Huynh, Wanda Lam
Publicity Co-Chairs: Chanel Chu, Wanda Lam
Siblinghood Chair: Chanel Chu
Historian: Sophie Kim
Formals Committee Co-Chairs: Tiffany Chang, Tiffany Tam
ICC Delegate: Tiffany Chang
MCGC Delegate: Sharon Zhong
Alumnae Representative: Rachel Xiao
Asian-American Culture Representative: Sophie Kim
Academic Chair: Elaine Ma
Professional Development Chair: Elaine Ma
House Manager: Tiffany Chang
Athletic Chair: Fahm Saephan
Webmistresses: Tiffany Chang, Juliana Zhou


Thursday, January 24th, 2013
Meet the Sisters | Kimchi Garden, 2517 Durant Ave, 7PM
Come enjoy a delicious free dinner while meeting the sisters of Sigma Omicron Pi!

Friday January 25th, 2012
Bowling Night with Pi Delta Psi | Meet at Unit 2 Courtyard, 7PM
Kick off the weekend by bowling with the brothers of Pi Delta Psi!

Monday January 23, 2012
Family Night | TBA, 7PM
Come and meet our SOPi extended family!

Tuesday January 24th, 2012
Dessert Night | TBA, 7:30 PM
Enjoy some sugars and sweets with the sisters!

All events are free and require no commitment!
Questions? Concerns? Feel free to contact any of the following sisters:
Sophie Kim | 510.590.1555
Tiffany Tam | 626.283.3723
Thanh Tran | 916.527.4970

1. To be part of the strongest Asian American sisterhood-- over 80 years of history and service!
2. To make a difference in the Asian American community.
3. To know that someone is always watching your back - you're never alone.
4. To build friendships that will last a lifetime.
5. To know that you will always have someone to talk to or to listen to you.
6. To meet new people who make your social and academic life in college more memorable.
7. To gain leadership skills that will make you a better person as a whole and help you get ahead in the future.
8. To get to know and bond with other girls from your school and other prestigious schools across California and in the East Coast.
9. To have a group of girls who aren't just friends, but sisters for life.
10. To be part of a group that is not just an organization, but a family.

What is a sorority?
A sorority is a group of women joined together for fellowship and friendship, sharing a lifelong common bond of sisterhood.

What is rush?
Rush is a conglomeration of activities held during the first two weeks of school. The purpose of these activities is for potential members to get acquainted with the sisters of SOPi.

Does it cost anything to rush?
NO, all rush events are FREE!

What kind of activities does Sigma Omicron Pi hold?
We hold fundraisers, parties, sisterhood events, social exchanges with campus and outside organizations, and philanthropies for the community.

What are the objectives of Sigma Omicron Pi?
The objective of Sigma Omicron Pi is to promote lifelong friendships through a commitment to unity, friendship, leadership, and service.

How do I rush?
Simple! Just drop by any of our events.

Do I have to attend all the rush events?
No, you are welcome to attend any number of rush events as you wish! However, attending more events is highly encouraged so that potential members can get to know the sisters better.

What is Sigma Omicron Pi?
Sigma Omicron Pi is not just a sorority or an organization on campus. Most important is the fact that Sigma Omicron Pi is a SISTERHOOD! The meaning of sisterhood brings warmth, trust, and loyalty within us. As sisters, we become much more than just friends. We are able to lean on each other during times of hardship and stress. Our bond of sisterhood grows stronger due to our willingness to sacrifice for each other. Through thick and thin, good times and bad, we are confronted with the thoughts of our lifelong companionship and trust. As a sister, you are never alone and will always have support from the sisters of Sigma Omicron Pi!

What is pledging?
Pledging is perhaps the most important part of understanding the values of sisterhood. When you decide to pledge for Sigma Omicron Pi, you are pledging your time, heart, and dedication to learn the true meaning of sisterhood. The challenges and obstacles you face along with your pledge sisters will only make you stronger as an individual. During pledging, you will develop teamwork as you and your pledge sisters work together to find sisterhood. Through our encouragement and support, Sigma Omicron Pi becomes a supportive network for you to achieve academic and social growth.

How do I join?
Participate in our rush events to become aquainted with the sisters of Sigma Omicron Pi. Then, sign up for an interview. This is a chance for you to ask us any questions or speak of concerns that may not have been answered during rush events. If you are extended a bid, you are officially invited to pledge for the sisters of SOPi.

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Website - MySpace - Facebook

Beta Chapter
San Francisco State University
Website - MySpace - Facebook

Gamma Chapter
San Jose State University
Website - MySpace

Delta Chapter
University of California, Davis
Website - MySpace - Facebook

Epsilon Chapter
California State University, Sacramento

Zeta Chapter
University of California, Santa Cruz
Website - MySpace - Facebook

Eta Chapter
University of Maryland, College Park
Retired in 2000

Theta Chapter
University of California, Irvine
Website - MySpace - Facebook

Iota Chapter
Pennsylvania State University
Website - Facebook

Kappa Chapter
University of California, San Diego
Website - Myspace

Lambda Chapter
The Johns Hopkins University
Website- MySpace - Facebook

Mu Chapter
University of California, Riverside
Website - MySpace - Facebook

Nu Chapter
Binghamton University, State University of New York
Website - MySpace - Facebook

Sigma Omicron Pi seeks to expand, explore, and share our connections among the Asian Greek Community as well as other school organizations.


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For any questions, concerns, or requests for social arrangements, please conact the appropriate officer listed. If you want more information concerning our rush activities/schedule, please contact our rush chairs.

President: Christina Vu
Vice President, Philanthropy: Tiffany Chang
Vice President, Sisterhood: Chanel Chu
Vice President, Social: Tiffany Tam
Treasurer: Karina Liu
Secretary and Sergeant at Arms: Sophie Kim
New Member Educator: Wanda Lam
Rush Co-Chairs: Rose Huynh, Wanda Lam
Webmistresses: Tiffany Chang, Juliana Zhou